2024 Call for Speakers

Speaking at 2024 MEGAZOO

In 2024, MEGAZOO is hosting a seminar targeting domestic pet businesses and brands aspiring for international expansion in the pet industry. As part of Korea’s largest pet industry exhibition, we are recruiting speakers for a seminar aimed at facilitating the global market entry of domestic companies. Please share your expertise on key strategies for international expansion and innovative case studies in the field.


17th -18th MAY, 2024  or  15th -17th NOV, 2024


Pet Industry Professionals, Exhibitors, Retailers, Domestic/International Buyers etc.

📌 What We Are Looking For:

Key Strategies for international Market Entry and Case studies of success experience, Innovative Ideas to Capture the Southeast Asian Pet Market, Sustainability in the Pet Industry

📌 Topics May Include:

· Global Market Entry Strategies
· Success stories and Know-how in international Expansion
· Analysis of  Pet Market Trends in Southeast Asia
· Pet ESG – Efforts to Lead a Sustainable Society
· Analysis of Overseas Distributution Channels and Case studies of each channel

Please Note: This is an opportunity to share information and is not a showcase for the promotion of a business, service or product. Any proposal or presentation that appears as if it constitutes a sales pitch will not be considered.
We are now accepting Megazoo 2024 submissions for both Megazoo Part 1&2. In you are interested in becoming a speaker at Megazoo 2024, please fill out and submit the application form below.

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